Latest important updates.


The new General Secretary is Stephen Janes. See League Officers page for contact details. (Ray Gibbins is still the Competition Secretary and the primary contact for most issues)


The minutes of the 2015 AGM can be downloaded from the resource page.


 The 2016 fixtures permit can be downloaded Here




NEW RESULTS PROCEDURE (to avoid overloading Power of 10 with corrections)

Immediately after the match host clubs should send the overall match score to Ray Gibbins - tel. 0208 373 1957, or e-mail and to all visiting clubs

By Tuesday evening following the match, host clubs should e-mail out the checked and complete "provisional" results spreadsheet, inc all non-scorers, to the visiting clubs for feedback (do not send it to Power of 10 at this stage).

Visiting clubs should feedback any errors/name changes to the host club, by Thursday evening.

On Friday morning, the host club should then e-mail the final corrected results Excel spreadsheet to Power of 10 (not a pdf), the league Sec, and all visiting clubs.(

Also send a hard copy of the complete score sheet, inc. non-scorers, plus all team declarations to the Fixtures Secretary - Mr R Gibbins, 6 Hoecroft Court, Hoe Lane, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 5SJ

Any changes not notified in time must be then be notified directly to Power of 10 by the club concerned, but only if they are of importance for statistical purposes.

Power of 10 can automatically up-load all the data from this spreadsheet in Excel format including non-scorers and will pass results to Athletics weekly

Under no circumstances should Power of 10 be asked to up-load a complete revised spread-sheet when they have already uploaded the initial spread-sheet - their automated system cannot do that.

Ray Gibbins has a new email address :