Links to everything needed to compete in the league.

2018 draft AGM minutes - HERE

EYAL rules and constitution - HERE

EYAL fixtures 2019 permit - HERE  


Timetable for league matches 2019  7 club matches (word) - click here 

Timetable for league matches 2019 6 club matches (word) - click here

Electronic Excel scoring program 2019, inc Non-scorers, for manual timekeeping (please use this program to allow Power of 10 to do electronic uploads)- click here. 
If using electronic timing (photo-finish) please use this version of the score-sheet which is modified to accept times to one hundredth of a second. Please do not use this version for manual timing.

Electronic utilities program 2019 for host clubs (prints match specific timetables, field cards, lane draw sheets etc - click here 

Team declaration sheets 2019 (Word)- click here please ensure that you use this version for 2019. It should be e-mailed to the host club in advance (by mid-day saturday) so that data can be pasted into the scoresheet, and then a hard copy with any changes highlighted handed in on the day. It doesn't matter if you declare some non-scorers who then don't do non-scoring events or don't attend. Its easier that way and doesn't affect the results system.

Organising a meeting - help sheet (Word)click here 

Officials signing in sheet (Word) - click here

Team changes to your e-mailed declaration sheet (to be handed in on arrival)  click here

Team changes sheet for use during the meeting (to avoid interrupting the scorers) click here


Timetable for cup and plate finals - click here NOT FOR USE IN LEAGUE MATCHES 

Electronic scoring program for cup and plate finals  manual timing (Excel) - click here - NOT FOR USE IN LEAGUE MATCHES

 Electronic scoring program for cup and plate finals Photofinish (Excel) - click here - NOT FOR USE IN LEAGUE MATCHES

Electronic Utilities program for cup and plate finals  (Excel) - click here - NOT FOR USE IN LEAGUE MATCHES

Team Declaration sheets for cup and plate finals (word) - click here


e-mail link for corrections to documents only  (not for any other queries)